DREW-ROM - manufacturer of windows and doors

DREW-ROM was founded in 1988 in Wałbrzych by current owner Mr. Roman Bortkiewicz.

In the beginning range of its activities include carpentry services, such as: window and door manufacturing, production of new and renovation of antique furniture, kitchen cabinetry, storage spaces, built-in wardrobes or shelves and shop counters, and gazebos and garden furniture. Gradually the company has focused on the production of modern windows and doors.

Moving company in 2002 to a new, larger premises has allowed for significant enrichment and upgrading of machinery and years of practice and the experience of staff had a positive impact on improving production.

Today the main activity is the production of high quality windows and doors based on the latest technologies used in that industry.

DREW ROM performs primarily domestic orders. The company has completed also many successful contracts in the areas of Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Slovakia and especially France, where for the second year develops more and more effectively successfully executing its activity and putting its products for the needs of single-family housing, and social or public buildings.

DREW-ROM is a family company which guarantees its natural, permanent and stable and gradual progress, development of skills of the crew and the consequent introduction of latest technologies for production in accordance with prevailing progress in this field.

The use in the production of high quality materials such as multilayer and high-quality lumber, power and branded fittings, modern and energy efficient insulated glass, durable seals and multigrade paint coatings provide high quality products. These are characterized by their aesthetic and attention to finish, durability and reliability in use and interesting construction solutions, which DREW-ROM does not shy away thus giving its customers a wide range of possibilities of implementing and interesting, remarkable offer.

We invite you to read our website and we encourage you to use our services.

Roman, Irena i Piotr Bortkiewiczowie